MCSA 70-462 Training Kit Preparation: Setting Up the Hyper-V Lab Environment

If you are planning on taking the Microsoft Certification Exam for 70-462, this guide provides the step-by-step instructions to completely setup your Hyper-V lab environment used in the official training kit.

The post is published in its entirety at my favorite SQL Server resource destination, SQL Server Central ( on November 25th, 2013. Check it out […]

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Non-Invocable Member Cannot Be Used Like A Method

If you’re here by way of searching for the exception named in the title of this post, you might be trying to convert VB.NET (Visual Basic .NET) code to C#. The remedy for this error is usually simple. C# uses brackets, e.g. [brackets], for referencing items in a collection, whereas VB.Net uses parentheses, e.g. (parentheses).

If […]

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Retrieving MAX Value Across Columns in T-SQL

I recently discovered a neat trick for quickly obtaining the max value across multiple columns in the same row. As I was mentally working out the approach, I hit up the search engine to see if, as is often the case, someone else had already crafted an elegant solution. I found the one I […]

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Implementing a Custom Change Data Capture System – Part Two

This posting continues from my first blog Implementing a Custom Change Data Capture System. It may be helpful to review Part One before diving into Part Two.

Part One described how our team was challenged with late arriving requirement changes for an existing Extract Transform Load (ETL) solution. The new requirements dictated that changes in the […]

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Implementing a Custom Change Data Capture System – Part One


Coming up with a title proved to be one of the most difficult parts of beginning this posting. Implementing a Custom Change Data Capture System doesn’t really ‘capture’ what should be said. I recently found myself in a situation with a client where it was necessary to quickly implement update processes between a legacy transactional application […]

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FindControl in the ASP.NET Gridview Control

Just thought I’d drop a quick note to record a solution to the less than intuitive process of referencing a control that’s tucked into an EditItemTemplate on an ASP.NET GridView control while the control is in edit mode.

I came across the problem while trying to access a FileUpload control I had in an EditItemTemplate. I naturally assumed GridView.SelectedRow.FindControl […]

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